Professional Work

Here is a small sample of the work I did on Fornite while employed at High Voltage Software.
I created the head of Pale Spooky. The body, and voodoo doll backpack were created by other artists at the studio.
My tasks include creating characters and props while utilizing programs such as Maya, Surface Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, and Unreal Engine 4.

This was a blast to work on for HakJak Studios. I'm proud to say my Buff Pidgeon character is featured in their Steam released game
Pidgeon Simulator
I really enjoyed working with the receptive and talented crew in Boise, Idaho.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on the revamp model of the werewolf in Shadow's Kiss MMO. I worked off of a prebuilt model and rig.
My tasks included creating various blendshapes for emotes. Modeling and texturing new accessories like collars and magical bracers. Also I created a pants wearing version, and four different colored textures for the werewolf.

Here are various different werewolf skins created for Shadow's Kiss.

While working at Chewed Pixel Studios, we were tasked with creating an AR app for a popular restuarant.
I used Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter to create these models.
Technical Requirements were: Under 45K tris per model, 2046x2046 max texture size, shaders created within Unity.
You never realize how complicated and detailed food is until you are placing sesame seeds on a bun ;)
Bon appetit!

These are production renders and proofs created while working on an AR app for Raw Stone Jewelry.
I was provided with photographs of the jewerly and I did my best to model, UV, and created shaders
to match the real world pieces.

I created characters and props for the Skylanders Swap Force 3DS title. My tasks included optimizing characters with complete rigged skeletons for our 3DS pipeline. I created concepts and built full characters for the game.
I was employed as a Character Artist on an unannounced game for a very well established Microsoft franchise. I created boss characters and weapons that could be built from the ground up.

This is various work that I have made while working at Mahi Gaming.

I worked on video slot machine games and entertainment products at Grover Gaming. I built numerous 3D characters within Maya, and utilizing ZBrush as well for their creation. Our game engine of choice is Unity. I have become adept at creating custom particles, materials, and animations within Unity.